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Whether you need new construction or want to make improvements to your existing property, our experienced mason contractors will design and install beautiful stone work to meet all of your goals. Paragon Installers are experts with both manufactured and natural stone and our team is factory trained. It is both diversity and talent that sets us apart from our competition and we can install any type of masonry products on your existing or new project.

Our Stone Masonry Services Include:

•  Natural stone

•  Man-made stone

•  Interior and exterior stone work

•  A variety of styles from various manufacturers

If you want your home to look professionally designed without breaking your bank, then surely we can help you out. We take pride in calling ourselves interior decorators because we cater to this profession as well as an exclusive clientele for over 10 years. Our experienced and skilled professionals will custom-make your design according to your lifestyle and taste.

Paragon's stone works are unmatched with any other traditional stone work. We bring together the benefits of competitive pricing along with the opportunity to purchase material directly from local stone manufacturers and we use the same level of care and intricate stone work expertise for both interior and exterior stone work projects.

You can also use our expert’s advice for all of your interior decoration needs. We realize and understand that an interior decorator/client relationship is very intimate and that communication is essential so we are proud that you can rely on our interior decorators as a trusted resource for all of your projects. We are therefore requesting that you convey your ideas and let us prove our words with a design to meet your desired objectives.

Why not request a free estimate by filling out the application form provided on our website? Regarding any queries you can contact us directly via phone or you can chat with us online. In the event our staff is not online you can send us an offline message, which we will answer as soon as possible. Upon request we will also make references available.

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