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Kitchen Remodeling

Designed for gourmet chefs and teen microwavers alike all of our kitchens share signature characteristics. They are exciting, distinctive and most of all, livable. Create your own unique space from numerous cabinetry, flooring and countertop options. Place a comfortable, yet practical island in the center and you have an immediate magnet for all who pass through. Bathrooms and kitchens have so many options that many people become unsure about their decisions and that is just where we can begin to assist you.

We help you to create the design and to choose from a myriad of options to help you fashion the spaces that work best for you. We guide you through each and every step right from the inception of a design to the completion of your kitchen making the transition from ‘old’ to ‘contemporary’ very smooth utilizing our expert touches and experience.

Kitchen remodeling is not about adding expensive gadgets and appliances to your kitchen but rather it is making your kitchen an alluring place to cook and entertain. Paragon Installers is a full service remodeling firm and we are capable of handling all your kitchen remodeling needs. We have been in business for over 10 years; thus, we take pride in calling ourselves professionals. We understand your needs plus are able to give shape to what you have envisioned. Interested? Are you thinking how we will do this? Take a tour to our website to gather more information about the services we render in terms of kitchen remodeling and kitchen cabinet design. Kitchens come in variety of styles and materials which accounts for the vast and individual appeal. With exclusive kitchen cabinet design, surfacing materials, and appliances your kitchen can be transformed into a whole new look. Our team of professionals will ensure that you receive the best quality service for the value of your investment.

Before you begin a journey to the world of kitchen remodeling decide on the style and design that will suit your kitchen the most. You might think how do I decide on the style? When a kitchen is old fashioned we are often wondering what areas need to be renovated and what needs to be changed completely. Here we can help you, too. We are a team of professionals who possess experience in designing kitchens both for gourmet chefs as well as everyday cooks and have helped to create kitchens with signature characteristics. Our kitchens are distinctive, inhabitable, and exciting. We offer a wide array of countertops, flooring and cabinetry options that will definitely quench your thirst for a unique look. We expect that you will be quite overwhelmed with the many choices we offer and that is why we are available to help you to select materials and designs and other options we offer so that your kitchen will look exactly as you have envisioned it. Carefully selected design can make your dream kitchen a reality. Here, we can give you step by step guidance in the way of the design of your new kitchen. Kitchen remodeling takes into account several elements which need to be matched and merged with one another to give it the desired look you are seeking.

Now, let us consider the most vital and nerve-wracking decision you have to make while kitchen remodeling – the kitchen cabinet design. Cabinets are the first thing that attracts your attention in a kitchen and gives the area its feel or ambiance. We assure you that the design rendered by our professionals will be functional as well as unique and individually tailored to your requirements guaranteeing you an unmatched transformation from an ‘old’ to a brand ‘new’ look. Planning and effective layouts are the key to distinctive kitchen cabinet design. Consider what you do not like about your present kitchen cabinets. Is the space poorly allocated, do they lack proper organizational features or are they just the wrong style? The more specific you are about the changes you prefer the more precise you will be in making the best selection from the extensive styles we offer. Cabinets can be created using a variety of construction techniques and materials. Before you start off with the selection of door styles and wood grains give some thought to your life style, the way you use your kitchen and the storage capacity you desire and need. Remember, you can always seek professional guidance from our team of architectural experts. We will work with you keeping your expectations and budget in mind so that we can give you the best of our kitchen remodeling experience within your set deadline and price range. Feel free to take a look at the portfolio on our website to narrow down or format your component and style choices. We have provided you a catalog which outlines the work and services we perform and deliver.

When you have decided on and chosen your cabinet design your work is more than half-way done. At this point we assemble and merge your ideas and designs together with our skills to complete your dream kitchen and then we begin the final process that starts with installation. Installation of the appliances requires great skill because your kitchen needs to support heavy cookware so while performing this task we decidedly keep in mind the importance of durability, devote our attention to minute detail and if required take care of plumbing and electrical work, too. Whatever your needs we ask you to make them known and we will modify the area accordingly. We keep the style of your home in mind in every aspect of your design and during your remodeling plus our team uses all precautions as well in order to not disturb the setup of your home.

You can contact us directly either by phone or email provided on our website to get an estimate or for any further information you may require.

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