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Our home for most of us is our most valuable asset and with it comes the responsibility to keep it looking beautiful and in its most pristine condition. While most of us understand the importance of paint for our homes we may not always consider the benefits of local painting services and what they can offer us. We, at Paragon Installers understand your needs so much actually, that we've built a thriving company around sharing our skill and passion with local home owners who count on us to perform the work they need carried out.

We have the firsthand knowledge and professional crew to get it done correctly. 

Whether it's time to refresh the old and wearing paint on the exterior of your home or to bring new life to the interior walls, we are fully dedicated to your needs. 

Our quality of workmanship speaks volumes to the level of professionalism we will bring to your project. Paragon Installers takes pride in our work and it shows starting with the paints that we use to properly preparing the surface for its new facelift, we meticulously strive for unmatched attention to detail to render top-end painting services with a clean and genuine approach to every project. Our crews are the best the area has to offer and you will feel completely comfortable with them working in and/or around your home.

Consider refreshing your exterior walls with our professional paint service, and we would feel proud to make a new difference to the look and feel of your home. Although interior paint is typically not weather affected timely maintenance can make it come alive. If you wish to add that extra note to your interior walls or simply want or need to refresh the old paint on the exterior, indulge in our exclusive interior and exterior painting services to give your abode a brand new look.

Achieving client satisfaction is one of our desired goals and to this end we treat our customers/clients in a way we would wish to be treated if were a customer/client.

We have worked diligently on seeking out the best professionals to serve you and would love the opportunity to show you just what we can do.

You can request a Free Estimate by filling out the form provided in the contact area of our website or contact us by phone at: 888-392-2557 and one of our specialists will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.

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