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Home Energy Audits

To make your home more energy efficient the first step to take is to have an energy audit conducted in your home. An energy audit (also known as an inspection) can help you to lower your use of energy while maintaining comfort in your home. The energy auditor will help you prepare documentations and reports that you can use to qualify for an Energy Improvement Mortgage or to receive rebates that will cover most if not all of the cost of making your home more energy efficient.

When it’s time to give your abode an annual energy checkup Paragon Installers with their professional auditor is at your service. Certainly, you are aware that your home contains several energy devices that perform different daily tasks such as: lighting, cooking, sound and many others. But did you know that some places or items in our house consume more energy than required? These are what are known as the energy wasters which make it mandatory to have your home checked to alleviate these items.

Home Energy Audits is an analysis of energy conservation and consumption in your home. It is the system or process used to reduce the amount of energy utilization without disturbing the comfort of your lifestyle. Our experienced and skilled professional auditor will deploy the necessary equipment and techniques to determine the energy utilization and efficiency of your home with the ultimate aim being to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

We carefully inspect your home and make sure that everything is thoroughly audited starting with each room including the garage and continuing through to a thorough check of your cooling and heating equipment which generally consumes a great amount of energy in the household. Our home energy audits include thorough inspections which result in improvement by implementation of energy efficient techniques and further suggestions for more energy efficiency and utilization.

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