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Flooring Solutions

Flooring Solutions

We offer flooring solutions with a comprehensive range of products including carpet tiles, carpet, vinyl flooring and entrance matting products.

When performing a flooring installation we work together with our clients to achieve an aesthetic floorplan within both the budget & the deadline. This will sometimes involve Flooring Providers recommending a bona fide flooring contractor and/or working with a pre-selected team.

Whatever the situation you will attain a comprehensive, professional, and discreet service. When working on a matting project this can involve simply supplying a mat and frame to a given dimension or sometimes can require us to visit a site and make various recommendations regarding floor levels by setting out an area to be covered, etc.

Renovating a space whether in a home or an office each room is definitely becomes a creative experience. Since there are so many flooring solutions available you may get overwhelmed with the choices to make because renovation opens up several new opportunities. Paragon Installers are a team of professionals who possess the experience and knowledge about carpeting and other technicalities of flooring. Therefore, we will be available to assist you in making the choices for your project. We are a thriving company who aim to provide you with complete flooring solutions.

We are capable of handling all of your carpet installations and flooring demands with excellence can help turn your ideas into an attainable, practical and personalized reality. As mentioned, we offer assorted ranges of flooring products including carpet, vinyl flooring, matting products and carpet tiles and we possess experience in various types of installations. Our diversified skills are probably the best answer for your personal and customized flooring needs.

Working within a deadline is always our priority without compromising the quality of our service. We do not go over budget and always keep things within moderate means in order to pass the savings on to our customers. Contact us by phone or request a free estimate by filling out the form provided on our website.

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